You can play the Clash Royale mod Master Royale without the core game. In the multiplayer, free version of Clash Royale called Master Royale, you have limitless resources and cards.

So, all you have to worry about are building decks and using strategy. To learn something new and gain experience, try it out.


1) Gameplay in Master Royale

- Unlimited characters: You can utilize every card in the initial game's deck. You can use three different sorts of cards to create your plan, including troops, spells, and buildings. Additionally, they have you covered because if new cards are added to Clash Royale, Master Royale will always have them.

- Unlimited gems and gold: At the beginning of the game, you will get 1 million gems and gold, which is sufficient to open every chest and upgrade every card. You must visit the store to get a free refill if you need more.

- Develop your strategy: You don't have to spend money on Master Royale to be the top player. Everyone must rely on design and adaptability because all the cards and upgrades are available.

- Deal with other players: A sizable community already plays Master Royale. As a result, you'll always have someone else to face and battle. You can also play 2v2 and pick a teammate from your pals or let the game choose one for you randomly.

- Custom events and modes: The game offers a variety of custom modes, such as 2v2 and x3 elixir games. Stunning one-of-a-kind monthly events are also planned to provide a variety of challenges and materials.

- Link your account: Linking your account will allow you to connect it with your Facebook profile. If you want to switch devices or reinstall the program, you can save your work using this function.

- Reliable server: Master Royale delivers a stable experience that is generally always 100% available, even though it runs on an accessible, unofficial server.

2) Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound design are mainly identical to Clash Royale. Offering a wonderful experience, the animations, graphics, ost, and auditory feedback are all well-done.

3) Duration and Game Modes

Gameplay options in Master Royale include 1v1 and 2v2 matches, as well as multiplayer. The average length of each game is five minutes. The developers will add future game modes featuring fresh ideas.

4) Age Rating

There is no official PEGI rating for Master Royale. We suppose it might be classified at least the same as Clash Royale, which is 10+ since it is a mod of the game and features fantasy violence.


There are only two steps: installing the APK file and configuring your device to install APK files.

Step 1) It's easy to configure your smartphone to install APK files. This option is typically located under Settings > Security. By simply clicking on the downloaded apk file, you can quickly finish this process from the popup window that displays on some Android devices when installing an APK directly.

Step 2) You can now play the game after installing it!


If you want a more consistent experience, try playing on the most recent Master Royale server. You can use the most recent version of Master Royale with the help of this article.